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Here you can buy all the theory material you need to pass the theory test. Always fast and free shipping.

- Also available in SwedishPersian, Arabic, Somali och Turkish.

Driving Licence Book

    The latest Driving Licence Book 2019 (hard copy)
    Free shipping
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Theory Package

All you need to pass the theory test

    The latest Driving License Book 2019 (hard copy)
    Access to our platform with over 1000 theory questions
    Guarantee to pass: Access until you pass the real test
    Study on your computer, tablet or phone
    Free shipping
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  • I've ordered the Driving License Book, what happens now?

    We will ship the Driving License Book (hard copy) to you within 1 - 3 business days.

  • I've ordered a package with online questions, when can I start practice with the questions?

    Your account automatically created as soon as the order is accepted. Therefore you can sign in right away, as long as the order is accepted, and start practicing. Even if you choose to pay with invoice, you will be able to start right away no matter when you pay the invoice.

  • Are the same questions coming at Trafikverket's theory test?

    The questions from the official theory test that the Swedish transport administration issue are confidential and therefore there is no driving school or website that has exactly the same questions. However, we are constantly in contact with many of our students, who have passed the theory test, so that our questions are as similar as possible to the Swedish transport administration’s questions.

  • I have another question, how do I contact you?

    You can contact us by emailing info@korkortskolan.se. We always answer your email within one business day.

  • "It's fun to learn with all your questions and the best part is that you explain the correct answers. I have a hard time learning by just reading the book."

    Dag M.
  • "Got my driving licence now!! Your website helped me a lot, thank you so much!!!"

    David B.