Practice Driving

Once you got the driving permit you can start practicing driving. You can practice two different ways: 

1. Private lessons with an approved accompanying driver

2. Lessons with a driving school

Most people use a combination of them both, some private lessons and some lessons at a driving school.

Lessons with a driving school

The advantage of driving with a driving instructor from a school is that you get a person with training and experience in driving lessons to help you. The downside is that can be very expensive to take many lessons at a driving school. Prices vary from 400 kr per hour up to 1100 kr per hour.


The advantage of private lessons is primarily that you do not need to pay for a driving instructor. Therefore you can practice a lot and get use to driving without having to worry about the cost.

The disadvantage is that you drive with a person who lacks the training and experience compared to a driving instructor. There is also a risk that it is your accompanying driver, teacher, will teach you the wrong things. Traffic rules change over time and the teacher might not remember everything he or she was taught.

In order to take private lessons both you and your teacher need to a complete an introduction course. After the course your teacher need to apply for an approval certificate. He or she should carry when you practice and the sign “ÖVNINGSKÖRNING” needs to be clearly visible at the rear of you car.


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