Driving test


Driving test is the last step in order to get your driving licence. The driving test consists of two parts, a theoretical test and practical driving test.

The theoretical test is done at one of the Swedish Transport Administration's assigned locations.

  • You do the theoretical test on a computer and it consists of 70 questions. Five questions will randomly be excluded (for samples) and you need to get at least 52 correct out of the rest 65 questions to pass. You have 50 minutes to complete the test. Contact Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration) to book the test.
  • Thereafter you do the practical driving test, whether you have passed the theory test or not. In this test, you show that you are in control of the car, have good judgment and can drive in a safe way. To book this test you also contact Trafikverket (Swedish Transport Administration)

When you complete one of the parts you have two months to complete the other part. If you do not pass both within two months, you must take both tests again.

Once you have completed both parts, you have reached your goal, your Swedish Driving License!

Important: You have a two-year trial period from the time you got your licence. This means that if your licence gets revoked during this trial period, you have to do the driving test again.

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