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  • I get the message "account doesn't exist" or "Användaren finns ej", what should I do?

    This is usually a problem if you are trying to sign into our Swedish website. Make sure that you always sign into our English website here: If you still get the message that the account doesn't exist or have any other problems, email us at

  • Do you have theory material in other languages than Swedish and English?

    Unfortunately we only have material in Swedish and English today. At the moment we have theory questions in Swedish and English, video lessons in Swedish and Driving License Book in English.

  • I forgot my password

    If you have an English account click here. If you have a Swedish account click here. If you are still having problems, email us att

  • How do I apply for a new driving license or convert a foreign license?

    For these type of questions you should contact Transportstyrelsen instead

  • I can't see my results when I have done a test/exercise

    All results, answers and explenations to the tests are saved in "Statistics". Therefore if you are having problems seeing your result after a test or and excercise, go to "Statistics" in your account.

  • Do you have the same questions as the questions on Trafikverket's theory test?

    The questions from the official theory test that the Swedish transport administration (Trafikverket) issue are confidential and therefore there is no driving school or website that has exactly the same questions. However, we are constantly in contact with many of our students, who have passed the theory test, so that our questions are as similar as possible to the Swedish transport administration’s questions.